TAK Expo Pvt Ltd is Hiring for a Sales Support Coordinator

Sales Support Job Duties:
  • Generates and processes new sales leads as necessary
  • Answers phone calls from customers and deals with problems as they arise
  • Follows up with customers to make sure that they are satisfied with a particular product
  • Provides any necessary data or reports to the sales team
  • Exerts attention to detail, as customers may have the same problems; reports the problems as necessary
  • Arranges appointments with clients and sales team
  • Acknowledges customers by responding to emails, texts, and phone calls
  • Updates all contact information for clients
  • Deals with any customer complaints and resolves the issue as necessary
  • Does any necessary administrative work including filing reports or presenting sales team with necessary documents
Sales Support Skills and Qualifications:

Time-Oriented, Great Verbal and Written Communication Skills, Basic Math Skills, Basic Computer Literacy, People’s person Reporting Skills, Administrative Skills, Attention to Detail

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